Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Chatter

Wow!!! I'm probably the last person that needs a blog. I haven't messed around with this for a couple months now. Well, let's do some catching up. I've recorded a couple new songs that are yet to be completed. Just like "Red Lights". Procrastination should be my last name. I'm moving to New York at the end of March or beginning of April and I don't have a penny saved up. As a matter of fact, I think I owe more now than when I originally decided to start saving. Wait!!! I opened up an account at Bank of America since my bootleg bank isn't in NYC and I had to make a deposit of at least $25.00. So I have 25 dollars saved for NYC!!!! It's better than nothing, right??? I have my first official show as Xavier Marquis on the 27th of this month. I'm extremely excited about it because I really feel like I've grown as an artist and performer since my last performance back in like '04. Man life was so much easier back then. Anyway, if anyone decides to read this I'd appreciate it if you would show up to my show January 27th at the Turf Club wich is on the northwest side of Snelling and University Ave. I believe I'm going on at 9:00pm. ***For all black people reading this, please plan to be there at 8:00pm. That way you can arrive to the venue about 45 minutes late and you wont miss my set. lol*** I should probably get back to work now. Goodbye friends

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Anonymous said...

Don't let money ruin your dream, because a dream deferred is still a dream. When you add action to it, it becomes a promise that your heart makes to your mind. When you add an imagination it becomes destined to happen or at least you will feel satisfied that you tried with all of your heart. The worst that can happen is that you will be back where you started and that is not a bad place to be in. Your awesome and are destined to go far.
Much luv and luck!