Saturday, November 7, 2009

Random Chatter

I live in Dallas now. I make music all day everyday. Isn't that grand??? Well, I need to get some shows booked and some beats sold or I'm gonna lose my mind. Believe me when i say I will NEVER work another regular 9 to 5. I'd rather live in a box with my Macbook so I could still make beats. So my girl lives in Minneapolis still and my cousin that I moved to Dallas with is kinda a homebody and that equates to an uneventful saturday night for me. With that being said, I decided to go to a yahoo hip-hop chat room and was soon bombarded with what seemed to be automated webcam porn invites. I didn't accept any of the invites btw. Is this what the world has come to??? Sad day. My mixtape is pretty much complete and now I just need to get some final mixes done. I will have a my single "Paradise" on iTunes by Christmas. Early next year I will be releasing the mixtape. I'm gonna finish watching House on my DVR now, but it was nice to give you an update after so long and I will soon be updating my blog.

Peace out,

Xavier Marquis

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